Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins (N. America)



  • Oct 17-20, 2018

  • Feb 20-23, 2019

  • June 12-15, 2019

COST: $750 fee for all three courses if registering after Sept. 15, 2018

Payment plans are available. Please email ctmmdtes@gmail.com for details.

Methods of payment:
- PLEASE DO NOT BRING CASH to the training.
- Interac: Please send Interac transfers to ctmmdtes@gmail.com.
- Cheque: Please make cheques payable to 24-7 Prayer Canada and mail to
522 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
CAN V6A 1L7.

- Please let us know if you intend to pay by cheque in person on the day.

LOCATIONStreet Church 175 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1N5, Canada

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Testimonials from Certificate Graduates

What attracted me to this course was the emphasis on the Holy Spirit and a heart of compassion for those whom society disregards.  I wasn't disappointed.  The bonus was meeting a group of people, all different ages and backgrounds, who have the same heart to minister and learn as Bob Ekblad does.  And I must say, the Tierra Nueva team are all remarkable people, bright, enthusiastic and willing and able to pour their lives into you and others.  May the Lord bless and prosper the work they do! 
(Christian - Prison Fellowship, Illinois)

The course has renewed my hope that a holistic approach to ministry is possible and provided me the learning, inspiration and connections to further pursue holistic ministry in my own context. (Michael - The Living Room, Montreal, QC)

As a someone ministering on the margins long-term, CTMM has been inspiring, stretching and eqipping me in ways that impact my life and ministry on a daily basis.  I love how this program engages my mind, conscience and heart and brings together the Bible, the lives of the oppressed and rejected and the work of the Spirit in ways that are unique and powerful. (Andrew - ICYA, Winnipeg, MB)

A truism that I have come away with at CTMM US is that missional ministry should be a time for humbly receiving from our God.  That I am also an impoverished soul also waiting to receive more good news.  What I like the best about CTMM US is that it is taught at The Peoples Seminary, that to me makes all the difference.  It is a dynamic teaching environment, we sit in a building on a street corner where broken people come to cry outside on the steps and where the hard of hard hug and can look you straight in the eyes.  I am  rubbing elbows with Gods new celebrity children, the fruits of the Tierra Nueva ministry also present, and learning right along side me.  What a privilege!  There is an expectation here that the Holy Spirit delivers the lessons.   (Glenn - BC)

This course has prepared me for ministry among God's children at the margins in a way that my traditional theological education did not. I can say with certainty that I am a more effective and faithful missionary because of the time I spent in this course.  (Mike Z - Tierra Nueva, WA)

Attending this course was like coming home to a bunch of old friends and sitting down to read the Bible and eat together. Even though I'd only met these "old friends" the day before, I sensed the shared kinship of disciples who bear the battle scars of working with marginalized people. It was incredibly encouraging to be with other people who understand the trials and tribulations of transformational ministry, people who have made sacrifices and yet remain full of joy and thanksgiving. Everyone had an amazing story to share about how God led them into ministry with the urban poor or marginalized. (Sin Ee - Pearl Family Garden, Taipei)